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Lelouch vi Britannia
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Player: Li
Canon: Code Geass
Canon Point: S2E25
Alignment: Sosyne
Date of Entry: 05/07/2017
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Age: 19*
Birthday: December 5th, 1999 a.t.b.
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Black
Height: ~5'11"
Amulet: Shaped like a particular abstract birdlike sigil.
Appearance: Link.
Contact: Plurk/Messenger/Journal

* This is headcanon. Mean, mean headcanon. Based on Kiseki no Tanjoubi, where Lelouch physically manifests from the World of C on his birthday to say goodbye to everyone properly, I have decided it makes sense for that to be the anniversary of his death. Dying on his birthday just feels thematically appropriate, and it works pretty well if you assume that R2 starts in or around fall*.
** Which is not compliant with the Akito the Exile timeline, but that timeline isn't compliant with main-series canon either, since it would have Lelouch and Suzaku in prison until December of 2017, which... so many problems.

Background: Wiki

Personality: Ask any two people in Lelouch's life to describe him, and you'll likely get two very different answers. That's fine with him, though -- in fact, it is more or less by design.

With his younger sister Nunnally, Lelouch is soft-spoken, endlessly patient and endlessly kind. He smiles easily, laughs easily, is attentive and domestic. In a very real way, he strives to be a replacement for the mother they both lost seven years before the start of the series, a woman he (until recently) remembered as being protective, strong, and kind. With Nunnally, Lelouch allows himself to wish for a gentler world -- one where all people are equal, and the harsh prejudices that rule their present world have been outgrown.

To most of the students at Ashford, Lelouch would more readily be described as cool or even cold; aloof and apathetic, both about his schoolwork and life in general. This Lelouch has no particular political beliefs or strong convictions of any kind. While he can be affable and charming for his fellow students, he doesn't tend to keep it up for very long before sliding back into "coolly neutral". (Which isn't to say that Lelouch isn't also quite popular with certain demographics at his school. Distant and apathetic can pass for mysterious sometimes, and it helps that he's very pretty.)

With his closer friends, who -- not coincidentally -- are all also Nunnally's friends, the above description of Lelouch would come with a caveat: "...until you get to know him better." This group of people is more aware of Lelouch's capacity for gentleness, even though they mostly see it directed at Nunnally: they know he cares for other people, both individually and generally. That he is, at heart, a humanitarian, and just not very good at showing his true feelings.

They don't know the half of it. But again, that's by design.

Because the same boy who sleeps through half his classes and ditches another quarter, who always seems to tune out political conversations and shrugs when asked what he wants to do with the rest of his life, has been secretly plotting to burn his own government to the ground since he was ten years old.

And with the band of freedom fighters he leads, Lelouch adopts another persona entirely: that of "Zero", a masked hero of the people. Risen from the shadows to save Japan -- and later the world -- from the Holy Britannian Empire, the charismatic Zero makes righteous, flourishing speeches about justice and equality. To those who follow him, he promises not only miraculous military victories but also that his "Black Knights" will be a force for good, infinitely the moral superiors of their Britannian enemies.

As for which of these is the real Lelouch, well... the answer is all and none at the same time. Because Lelouch has divided himself into pieces, and polished each piece into a carefully-crafted role.

In his capacity as Nunnally's replacement mother, he showers her with all the gentleness he still possesses -- but also does his best to keep the uglier parts of himself (his anger, his fears, his ruthlessness, the things he's willing to do to make that gentler world) tucked away. Meanwhile, with some of his other friends, Lelouch allows himself to be more openly cynical about the world, while still trying to keep the true depths of his resentment at their government under wraps and pretending not to be terribly invested in affecting change.

With both Nunnally and his friends, Lelouch is being selectively honest -- and the same is true for the Black Knights, too.

Because Lelouch is a skilled military commander and strategist, a chess master in all senses of the term, and he does believe in justice and absolutely wants to see Japan freed and Britannia on fire -- but at the same time, "Zero" is a crafted image, designed for mass appeal, and Lelouch is actually much more pragmatic than he presents himself to his people. Believing that the ends ultimately justify the means, he has no actual reluctance to use what "Zero" would consider underhanded tactics, and his "miracles" are all either stagecraft, calculation, the power of his geass (more below), or a combination of the three.

And as shocked as Lelouch's classmates would have been to learn he was secretly a terrorist, the Black Knights would have been just as shocked to learn their leader, wearing lifts and a voice-changer, was actually a middle-class teenaged Britannian boy with, seemingly, so little drive in life.

If all of this begs the question why -- why would Lelouch have segmented himself off, why does he keep an arsenal of both figurative and literal masks, why is he completely honest with no one in his life -- then the answer goes back to his mother's death (his mother's murder), and the way his father turned his back on both Lelouch and his sister, telling him that those who rely on other people might as well be dead and banishing him to Japan (with which relations were already tense) as a political hostage.

And then, just as Lelouch was beginning to recover a little -- thanks in no small part to the stubborn, arrogant, but ultimately sweet Japanese boy who wound up being his housemate -- the illusion of happiness and safety that he had managed to cobble together for himself and his sister came crashing down again when his father declared war on Japan.

He wears the masks he does partially out of habit and necessity (because he and his sister are living under assumed names in a hostile nation under the control of a government that believes them to be dead, and then later because he's also masquerading as Zero), but partially out of simple paranoia borne of long, bitter experience. Put plainly, Lelouch does not trust anyone, not even the people he loves the most, with all of himself. And he certainly doesn't trust the other students at Ashford, all of whom he's very much convinced, early on in the series, would sell him out at a moment's notice -- or the Black Knights, who he's sure would never willingly follow a Britannian.

Abilities: Intellect. Lelouch is brilliant, and is also implied to have been a classical child prodigy (being a nigh-unbeatable chess master and a skilled pianist before the age of nine). Areas of particular skill include chess and strategy in general; political science; math; computers (general programming as well as hacking); literature; and languages. (Code Geass being entirely in Japanese and sometimes unclear aside, he's definitely fluent in at least Japanese on top of his native Britannian, and implicitly also fluent in Italian and French. I'd also make an argument for Mandarin or Cantonese, but it's less clear what's going on in the Chinese Federation episodes, linguistically.) Also, he kept his younger sister and himself up to speed when they were out of school for 4-5 years, continued to tutor fellow students even after that, and is able to maintain high marks at school while also getting an average of three hours of sleep a night, sleeping through and ditching his actual classes, and leading a full scale rebellion. So there's that.

Not that he is or thinks he's going to be the smartest person in any given room; Lelouch knows everyone has their area of expertise, and at one point after miscalculating an explosion muses that perhaps he should have had a physics expert help him with the calculations.

Domestic. Lelouch is apparently an excellent chef and a skilled tailor. (He made the Zero costume himself, including the mask with its voice changer and seamless eye slot, and almost certainly designed if not produced the uniforms his men wear; the Knight of Zero flight suit must also have been him, in Rakshata's absence. Also, he's able to correctly estimate C.C.'s sizes just by looking at her and to guess her tastes well enough to order custom clothing for her that she likes in spite of herself.) Headcanon that he learned to sew by making clothing for Nunnally and still does. In the 50 Questions NewType "interview", Lelouch self-describes as being good with his hands and says his hobbies include handicrafts and DIY projects around the house (lit. "weekend carpenter").

Artistic. In addition to playing the piano, Lelouch mentions at one point that he's well-versed in every form of dance, from the waltz to the pasodoble. How someone with so little stamina manages a proper version of the latter is probably because Lelouch's lack of stamina works by Rule of Funny.

Analysis. As a figurative chess master, one of Lelouch's talents is the ability to "analyze" people, usually after only a few meetings. Through this he can, for example, record his half of a telephone conversation in advance by correctly predicting what you were going to say so that the recording appears interactive. But the scale of his analysis is also limited; he can predict people within certain parameters, and he does this by treating any given situation like a battlefield, or a chess board.

Geass. Lelouch has the geass of Absolute Obedience, which has extensively-detailed limitations in canon -- not because it's unusually limited, but because Lelouch is thorough and has discovered all of its limitations down to the atom.

He has to be reasonably close to you, and he has to have unobstructed eye contact. (Where sunglasses and colored contact lenses count as an obstruction.) He can only use it once per person, although he's found ways around that when he was feeling especially clever (such as a set of commands triggered by a hand gesture), and by the end of the series his geass was powerful enough that he could say something like "do whatever I tell you, forever" and that counted as "one" use.

Lelouch puts on a good "ruthless bastard" act, but if your character becomes sufficiently important to him, then he won't willingly use his geass on them, though we could still arrange some sort of accident if you wanted. (And it's a pretty exclusively high level of importance; his school friends and Euphy, who he genuinely loved, weren't actually on this extremely short list in canon.) (The "people I won't ever lie to" list is even shorter, and... a lie!)


Permissions: Permissions for actions done to this character.
Key: ☐ (neutral; contact first) | ☑ (yes) | (no).
» Backtagging: ☑
» Threadhopping: ☑
» Hugging: ☑
» Kissing: ☑
» Fighting: ☑
» Injuring: ☑
» Killing: ☐
» Fourth Wall:
» Manipulation: ☐ (I don't mind at ALL as a player, but we should probably work out the details since he's such a manipulative bastard himself)

Permissions: Permissions for actions done by this character.
» Geass: ☑ = you're okay with Lelouch geassing your character (the exact details of which we would work out and agree upon, when and if it comes up).
» Analysis: ☑ = you're okay with Lelouch making an itemized list of all your character's weak points, both emotional and physical, which then might be used to systematically attack them in the future. (Though the attack would itself be the result of further permissions and plotting, of course.)

Again, I want to stress: none of this will ever happen without your clear permission; even if you say yes to analysis, he'll amass a bunch of information and won't actually do anything with it until we've talked and you've given your thumbs-up. As impulsive as Lelouch can be in canon (he's been known to geass people in a panic, or out of vindictiveness, with no forethought at all), a "yes" is not a "yes to anything", but an indication that you're open to or interested in plotting something later on.

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[personal profile] heartofalioness 2017-05-07 09:25 pm (UTC)(link)
CHARACTER: Princess Allura
CANON: Voltron: Legendary Defender

ANALYSIS: ☐ I wouldn't be opposed to him analyzing Allura if they ever run into each other, but Allura's pretty strong on the outside, and her emotional weakness outside of her bonds to the paladins (i.e. her planet getting blown up) would be a bit hard to guess from a quick glance. Using that information to attack, though, that's the part I'm way more iffy about. For now, let's cross that bridge when we get to it and you can PM this journal of course.

Thank you so much for putting this permissions up!
heartofalioness: (Calm Smile)

[personal profile] heartofalioness 2017-05-07 10:03 pm (UTC)(link)
That part Allura's alright with, Pidge does the same thing.
hopedout: (Default)

[personal profile] hopedout 2017-05-08 02:39 am (UTC)(link)
CHARACTER: Hajime Hinata ([personal profile] hopedout)
CANON: Dangan Ronpa

ANALYSIS: ☐ This is mostly because Hajime himself is also an analytical asshole, but on top of that he's good at not wearing his emotions on his sleeve which makes him hard to read. Of course, one of the more obvious weak points is attempting to do any sort of harm to any of his castmates. He'll even purposely change personalities with someone if he thinks it's interesting.
GEASS: ☑ Just fuck him up anytime, to be honest. He won't like it, though.

CHARACTER: Himeko Inaba ([personal profile] dereban)
CANON: Kokoro Connect

ANALYSIS: ☑ Inaba, on the other hand, while she's also analytical and hard to read, is really easy to break emotionally if necessary. Her connections with friends, the fact that she doesn't trust anybody easily, including herself. She's also physically weak as well, as she isn't a fighter.
GEASS: ☑ I'm pretty good with most things, if asked.
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[personal profile] untiltheend 2017-05-08 05:30 pm (UTC)(link)
CHARACTER: Sebastian Michaelis
CANON: Kuroshitsuji

ANALYSIS: ☑ Sebastian's a good actor, but not so good that an observant character couldn't see through it. Some things:
● No real physical weaknesses (Sebastian doesn't look physically strong what with all the layers he always wears, but he is) unless you want to bring out some kind of special demon-killing weapon.
● His one most notable and exploitable weak point is his master Ciel: Sebastian will break his own neck to save him without a second's thought. ...That, and cats. And that he hates doing anything less than absolutely perfectly.
● Lots and lots of polite fake smiling and passive-aggression. Sebastian actually has a bit of a temper, despite acting so chill 99% of the time, and an observant person can likely tell when he's really forcing himself to. keep. smiling. even when he's annoyed.
● Once you talk to him for a bit it's pretty evident he's not a nice person, and I would say anyone who's familiar with the supernatural would suspect pretty quickly that he's not human. He's... not subtle despite thinking he is (bless him).

If I recall from last time I filled this out, my thoughts went thus:
Sebastian, with his incredibly quick healing, would probably remember a Geass if he'd been subjected to it, although I wouldn't say he has any particular defense against the Geass itself. An order from Ciel could potentially override it?
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[personal profile] untiltheend 2017-05-17 03:39 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, sorry to be vague! Sebastian really really likes cats and reacts to them like any normal person would. That is to say, he becomes a useless mess around them.

(Funnily enough, Sebastian gets very judgey about other people who are fakers since he doesn't like liars... or hypocrits. Irony.)

Ohh, I didn't know that was an effect of the geass. I delight in everything that distresses Sebastian, so this is good to know.
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[personal profile] untiltheend 2017-05-21 05:24 pm (UTC)(link)
LOOK, HE DOESN'T HAVE A PROBLEM. He can quit whenever he wants. ...I don't know how much exactly Suzaku likes cats, but I'd wager a guess that Sebastian just might have it worse.

If you ever do find a video, I'd be happy to see it! I like my media content creepy, or something.
untiltheend: (vexed . another day another migraine)

[personal profile] untiltheend 2017-05-21 08:30 pm (UTC)(link)
You know what - canon never addresses this, so I have no idea. Sebastian canonically dresses up as a deer, a bunny, and a unicorn (it makes sense in context. kind of), but cat cosplay apparently isn't something anyone considers.

My personal headcanon is that his opinion would be along the lines of "humans are so weird. That doesn't even come close to the charm of cat what is even the point of it??".

Still mulling over how he'd react to characters with actual feline features, though. Clearly this requires much thought.
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[personal profile] soulsrob 2017-05-13 02:10 am (UTC)(link)
CHARACTER: Winnifred Prismall
CANON: Original!

ANALYSIS: ☑ Most anything on her First Impressions thing is good to go-- namely, Winnie doesn't have a soul so her emotional reactions to some things are ever-so-slightly delayed as her mind works in "something happened that needs an emotional reaction -- > what's the appropriate reaction to this situation based on prior experience and knowledge and observation of people in similar situations? -- > Execute response" I mean this all happens in seconds, and usually only to big things. I'll usually indicate in my tags when her responses are more delayed or obvious. There's just always something slightly off about her and she's almost a stepford smiler in a lot of ways lmao.

GEASS: ☑ go for it tbh
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[personal profile] showyouthesight 2017-05-29 07:52 pm (UTC)(link)
CHARACTER: Matsuoka Rin
CANON: Free!

ANALYSIS: ☑ Rin is obsessed with swimming (and also Haruka) and looks very well built. He's also very prone to emotional outbursts, include sheer rage and those times when he just cries over sentimental things. Honestly, Rin is pretty damn easy to read if you really pay attention to him. But just because Rin looks like your typical jock, don't write him off short when it comes to intelligence. Rin is a total nerd, keenly observant when he wants to be, a natural leader and can be quite analytical.
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[personal profile] roseeclair 2017-08-09 05:13 am (UTC)(link)
CHARACTER: Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter
CANON: Sailor Moon

ANALYSIS: ☐ Again, I wouldn't mind him analyzing Makoto or Sailor Jupiter, but using it to attack her friends would... probably end horribly. Sailor Jupiter is pretty much goddess level strong and has power over lightning and wood, soooo probably don't wanna mess with her. Makoto is incredibly strong and with great reflexes, even for a girl her size since she's an Amazon by Japanese standards, but her fighting style's also very straightforward. And in both instances her protective nature could be used against her. (Also, sucker for cute guys.)
sunshineprincess: (• But I'm somewhere in that zone)

[personal profile] sunshineprincess 2017-10-17 02:38 am (UTC)(link)
CANON: Frozen

  • Pretty much Anna's only real weakness is her sister, and sometimes feeling like she'll never measure up to Elsa. She can also be very insecure about herself in general, which she hides rather well by being a proverbial ray of sunshine.
  • She doesn't look it, but she's quick on her feet and rather agile, so if attacked that would be the thing to watch out for. She's also physically stronger than others give her credit for. I mean, she does punch a full grown man hard enough to knock him off of a ship.
  • Her love for her friends could be used against her since she is more than willing to sacrifice herself for someone she really loves, like her sister.

  • GEASS: She's already had her mind messed with once as a child, so doing it again would just be cruel >> Plus there's the whole "Does Lelouch really want Elsa potentially finding out somehow and he gets turned into a popsicle?"